Millennial Love

I checked on you the other day.
The usual Millennial thing
Snooped on Instagram
I didn’t watch your stories, you can’t still know I care
I looked at your Facebook status, still single
I sigh in relief
I scrolled down your comments searching for heart eye emojis
No one stood out
There’s still a chance we make it happen
Rekindle what was once lost
Take back what wrong timing stole from us
Then the memories seep in
I remember why there isn’t a You & I
I remember the beautiful lies we told each other
The nights that transition into the sunrises that woke us up out of a lusty slumber
I exit out of your social media page with a cloud of regret
Regret that I can never admit how you truly made me feel
Regret that you didn’t have the balls to tell me either.

by Sade_theWriter

Writer, Chocolate chip cookie connoisseur, Virgo, Mother .

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