Mind Tricks

These mind tricks people play

They convince you they’re trying to slay

They convince you every night they pray

They promise you they’ll forever stay

Just as long as you don’t disobey

They make you promise you won’t betray

They make all these rules and you have to be okay

They tell you that they don’t want anything in return

But they make you pay

They don’t care if they upset you

They’re quick to forget you

They don’t know where you come from

Therefore they swear that you’re dumb

They can’t comprehend

Some people get tired of the offense and come to an end

While you’re ignoring them and moving ahead

They are making up all these events in their head

They’re preaching Amen

But worshiping the devil instead

by glorycastillo.v

My name is Glory Castillo. I have been writing poetry since a very young age. Being an only child, I needed to find a way to process pain alone. I believe poetry is a form of art, expression and therapy. It helps me cope and it also makes me happy when other people can relate to it. Being in the health care field, gives me a better understanding of how important it is to let your mind relax and your thoughts flow. Poetry is my therapy.


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