Minor Inconvenience #137 – The Singapore Airport

Airports can be a lot. We’ve all listened to comedians tear them apart for years. But I actually like airports. I always get there early enough to have a decent meal; perhaps a beer, walk around a bit, wonder where everyone is going, and think up situations of what it’s like for them to be back if they are, in fact, returning to their hometown. Did they have a good trip? Do they travel often? Are they late? Am I better than them?

What? Don’t act like airports don’t provide the perfect location for a whole lot of upward and downward comparison.

You know something special about the airport in Singapore, specifically, though? It’s got a snooze lounge. A snooze lounge! It’s a wonderful little oasis on the upper floor designed for people with long layovers to catch some snoozes.

My layover happened to be long enough for an entire international flight in itself: 10 hours. I was completely fired up when I saw this space. It looked like it could have been a larger version of the waiting room at a massage spa. And after a flight from Jakarta, Indonesia for a 48-hour visa run (where we already managed to get our “illegal” pepper spray confiscated before fully entering the country) … let’s just say that shit looked nice.

Well, unfortunately, this “snooze lounge” was only great at first sight. Here’s an entree from my journal, A.K.A. Instagram, of my time at this snooze lounge:

“This may very well be the worst sleep of my life and I feel like you’re special enough to experience it with me. After a good 3.5 hours, I have found the max comfortable position and this is it. I’m in it. Things are going great. It’s 2 A.M. I may actually get some sleep. Hell yeah. Let’s give it a whirl. I close my eyes. Here it comes baby I can feel it.

Wait a second, what’s that sound? Oh it’s people having the time of their lives in the SNOOZE lounge? It’s people who think they’re the funniest people alive in the SNOOOOOZE LOUNGE?

Now, usually, these people are me because I think I’m the funniest and most important one in the room, so I can really respect where they’re coming from. But now the roles are reversed and the Universe is like, ‘Haha how’s it feel’

So I do exactly what any strong, powerful, capable person would do. I sit back in my 12th discovered sleep position, say nothing because confrontation is terrifying, and take some appealing photos to tell Instagram about my extremely riveting sixth hour at the airport.

Yeah, I didn’t need to add the second photo, but I did. Lauren’s here too and she’s equally as miserable, but she just got us some hot chocolates cuz tiz the season.”

And we put on our headphones, sipped our hot chocolate and stared blankly at the ceiling for approximately 10 hours.

by kpskye

Kendra Phillips is a Writer gone Marketing Strategist gone Jr. Graphic Designer during the week and a roller skating, cocktail making, acrylic paint pouring scuba diver in her off hours.

When she’s not mentoring teens, or reading her embarrassing collection of personal development books from her favorite authors like Luvvie Ajayi and Jen Gotch, she’s probably busy staring at her two door jeep because she can’t believe the doors can come off that thing whenever she wants them to.


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