Mental Health

Miss Independent.

Learning to be alone
Has been the best thing for me
I’ve learned how happy I can
Be living my own

I’ve maximized my well-being
By just seeing the people
In my life that continue to
Bring me joy instead of
and utter

I want to build those relationships
And I breathe a sigh of relief that
I have let go of those that no longer
Make me laugh or prosper

Being a hopeful person does not
Mean I will be taken advantage of

I must draw the line between hope
And what is best for me

And I’m just living to maximize my life
Not for the next boy
Or relationship
But for the next moment in my life
Where I go to sleep with a smile

Feeling blessed as hell that I
have the people that I do

And being proud of myself for
Being so self- sufficient

Miss Independent.

by SPeters368

I am a third year student at THE Ohio State University


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