Missing the Movie Theater?

How to spice up your at-home movie viewing experience

Who says movie nights at home can’t be as fun as a night at the movie theater? With some creativity and planning, transform your average Netflix binge and experience the joy of the theater from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Movie Nights

Miss getting together with friends for a night at the cinema? Netflix Party is a third party app that allows groups to watch a movie at the same time, and chat about it virtually in a comment bar to the right of your screen. To set up a Netflix Party, everyone attending must be a Netflix subscriber, and have previously downloaded Netflix Party.Then simply set up a date and time, invite your friends, and share the link with them to the party! This is a fun way to socialize and watch a movie with friends in real time.

Rent a New Release

While many movies have pushed back their release dates due to social distancing policies, others have opted to release straight to home streaming services. Movies like Trolls: World Tour are available to rent on Prime Video, Xfinity, and Google Play. The latest release from Pixar, Onward, was released straight to Disney+ so as long as you have a subscription you can watch this new movie at no additional charge.

Write Your Own Reviews

Letterboxd is a social media platform dedicated exclusively to movies. It allows you to write and read reviews, keep track of what you have watched, and connect with other movie lovers. Just because you can’t have a post-movie discussion as you walk out of the theater doesn’t mean that you can’t discuss what you’ve watched.

Transform Your Home Into a Movie Theater

There’s just something special about watching a movie in the theater that’s lost when you lay in bed and binge hours of Netflix on your laptop. Get creative and bring the theater experience to your home. Set up a dedicated space such as your living room or bedroom, pop some popcorn, turn off the lights, put your phone away and treat your home like the theater. You can even play the Regal Cinema roller coaster or the AMC promo before you start your movie for the total movie theater experience.

I miss how the salty smell of hot popcorn would hit my nose before my eyes had a chance to adjust to the darkness of the movie theater as I walked inside. Those two seconds of partially blind bliss were everything. Until we weather the storm of this global pandemic, I understand that it may still be a while before we are able to enjoy a movie at the cinema again. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t get creative and make the home streaming experience a little more exciting.

by ziannaweston

I am a film critic and member of the Nevada Film Critic Society and the Online Association of Female Film Critics. I am the creator and founder of The Basic Cinephile, an online platform dedicated to the representation of women in film and film criticism. When I'm not busy watching movies or writing you can find my playing with my adorable adopted fur babies Barb the cat, and Harv the dog.


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