Monday Morning Pep Talk to Self

To the dear ones, myself included, having a hard winter:

you don’t exist in a vacuum. you are not alone.
Asking for help is hard.
Doing the work is hard.
Counting blessings is hard.
Trying to fit into old clothes is hard.
Getting older is hard.

Hard is not impossible. Hard is passable.
Hard is the road to something better.

If it helps to look out rather than look in, give someone a compliment. Open the door for a stranger. Tip a little extra than you might have otherwise. If you get cut off while driving, try to wish them well rather than yell.

Seeing the light in others might help to wake the light in you.

Process, marinate, rinse and repeat.

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by Jen Ryan Conley

As a life long journal writer and trauma survivor, I explore the world through the written word to share pieces of my heart, wide open.
With a professional career in customer experience, spanning the course of two decades, I've been granted opportunities to connect with thousands of humans across the globe. This has helped to serve me in inspiration towards seeking the lens from another's perspective.
Taking on the newest avenue of exploration, I'm collaborating with my Mother as we write stories of womanhood, both independent from one another and entwined.

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