Monochromatic Growth

Have you ever felt it seep into your skin and make everything so dark?
I am not talking dark like the moon.
It crawls, it snatches, it crumbles, and it aches.
Blood runs hot with happiness but freezes with anger in the cold.
So I have to ask why?
Then the darkness replies, wouldn’t you like to know?

Yes I would like to know.
Trying to find the light in the dark.
You ask me why?
And I reply I don’t want to be like the moon,
Barren, gray and oh so cold, oh so cold.
Then my body begins to fill with aches.

The growing aches,
Trying to discover what I do not know.
To escape this shivering everlasting cold.
Trying to find myself this mood of dark.
I can only wish upon the stars and the moon
But why?

Why does your body consume the aches?
Why do you look at the moon?
Darkness replies, I want to know.
Why are you so dark?
Why are you so cold?

I am cold,
And the darkness says, want to know why?
He replies I am the spirit that thrives in the dark.
I am the moaning aches,
For as you must know,
The wishes you made now live on the moon.

So I cry to my friend in the moon.
Please take away this feeling of being so cold.
I will answer the questions to keep the darkness out of the know.
Please stop asking me why?
I want to rid of these growing aches.
I want to be the light that fights the dark.

So Mister Moon, do you know why?
He replies everyone gets cold, everyone aches,
To defeat the darkness you must know, that even lily grows in the dark.

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by KimberleyAguirre

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