Most Popular Countries for Starting a New Life

Moving to a new country can be a tough decision and a difficult step. It is not easy to uproot your life from one city to another, let alone an entirely different country. However, sometimes moving out is not a choice but a necessity. Whether it is for bread earning, making a career, education, family, or any other personal or professional reasons. People face many challenges in their lives. Different people deal with them differently. Some people decide to change the environment and go to a place with new faces, friends, careers, and time. They strongly believe that this new environment will help them make their life better to get back to their normal lives.

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Countries That You Can Go Start a New Life in

To have a life-changing experience, there is an option to consider to change the people around you. To change the environment, you can move to another country and start all over again.

Decide which country will suit you the most and plan to move into that country. As you make your choice, do not forget that happiness and freedom are very important. Here is the list of a few countries that can offer life-changing experiences.


Sweden is a country where you must move to, especially if you have a family. Moving a family from one place to another has a great deal of psychological and emotional impact on a person. If you are raising your kids, you might have to study about a new cultural environment or transfer to a new school, they have to be able to adapt to new people and new teaching methods. You will need to think about your career as well to continue the financial circle fulfilling all these needs.

When it comes to putting your family first and foremost in your migration, there is no better place to live than in a Scandinavian country. According to reports about Sweden, it is a very cheap country for the education of children. In addition, you will get to enjoy a variety of rights, for example, 120 days per year to care for a sick child, and 480 days of parental leave will be granted to you. Sweden is a country where the priority of the family is above all else.

In comparison with other European countries, public transportation is very affordable, especially for those who commute to work every day. Rent-a-car is not cheap, and it may not be feasible if you have a low budget.

When it comes to living in Sweden if you choose to live in one of these cities such as Goteborg, and Stockholm, the cost of living is slightly higher than expected. In these big cities, it can be a little difficult to find long-term accommodation. However, if you choose to live in the northern parts of Sweden, it is usually easy to find a residence with a fair price that goes along with it. For one, you will be assigned approximately 8500 CZK per month, accommodation, and other expenses.


If you are looking for a land where there is benefit from a career perspective, it is Germany, the perfect place to live and work in. From an economic point of view, Germany is also a very good place to enjoy some of the good things in life. Recognized as the best country in the world, Germany is the right place to be where you can improve your work-life balance, improve efficiency and productivity.

The cost of living in Germany is the average monthly about 853 euros, while it is 10,236 euros per year.

The United Arab Emirates

What is interesting is that approximately 11% of the people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are foreign nationals. Most of the people living in the United Arab Emirates settle in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Most of them had come to work for construction companies, while some of them are just domestic workers who care for families and parents. However, some people just came in with the sole purpose of establishing a business. No matter what, and the United Arab Emirates is the place for you to settle down. UAE offers no income tax policy. Due to this, the profitability and personal finances have increased significantly. It will be better for you economically because of the life and works in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates (UAE).


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