Mother of the sky

I found Gaia.
Mother of all mothers
She carries ‘hearth’ in her heart
Fierce warrior in soul.
She is not a rose, for she was not built fragile
Nor does she carry thorns.
Her bounty is willful,
Crafted from the stuff of mountains
Built to weather all storms.
Flowing through her – pure ichor, she’s the anchor behind every glorious glow.
Magic captured in the capsule of ‘woman’
Fostering all the world’s lost children
She gives drifters a place to call home.
Her generosity promotes every strays growth.
The greatest gift she’s given me is the purest form of kindness and hope crystallized in a great man’s form.
For her the village rallies and sings with her the battle cries.
She is the truest kind of effervescent sky, her eldest son’s goddess in life.


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