My Always

Watch over me
As I walk through dark hedges
And upon unmarked roads
Wandering into
the undesirable parts of
my soul
As I try to retrace my steps
when I am caught in the despair
of how did I get here
As I drown in the depths
of the carverns of my thoughts
and I am bound by chains of pain
Guided me gently
Into the beauty of a
new dawn
Where I am set free
Bathe me in tranquility
in which I might
See wings once broken
now healed
That we might fly together
Into Eternity.

by LunadeYemaya

I've always been fascinated with words. As a Boricua and a descendant of peoples with a strong oral tradition, I suppose it was only natural that I fell into writing. My poetry is inspired by whatever strikes me, and my stories are all fantasy.

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