My definition of love

If I were to define love
I would say that it’s a plane ride
A plane ride that never ends
Until it does
I don’t really like flights
But that’s due to my severe fear of dying
It’s not dying i am scared of
If I’m being honest
I’m scared of dying ordinary
Which can further induce that
I am scared of knowing I’ve never been loved
Getting back to the topic in hand
I don’t like flights
Sometimes I think I hate them
Maybe I can say the same about love
It seems scary
Mostly it’s the fear of falling from a height
With nothing to hold onto
Or no one to hold you
At one point we have this secure ship
And all of the earth’s forces keeping us in place
Just like the person who anchors us
With whom we are in love with
But suddenly
And that’s the worst part
Out of nowhere
You lose balance and
then fall
without a soft place
to fall into.
In an ideal world
Maybe I would love a flight ride
Because that would be an endless one
Just like the kind of love
I want to have.
And even with all the turbulence
It would be worth it.

by Archita Talukdar

Just a girl who believes in her dreams.

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