My Gypsy Soul

She will always believe in magic. She believes in fantasies and miracles and beautiful surprises from the universe. She believes in fairy tales and she vows to live a life that keeps her eyes sparkling. She embraces and finds beauty in the chaos of life, she can’t help but wander to try to find her happy medium. She can’t peace being locked and controlled, she was born to roam. She makes no apologies for her wild heart, but she is gentle. She is a paradox, predictable in her unpredictably. She has an old souls and wander through many lives. She is a dreamer and a free spirit. She is scared to love. She’s scared to give her heart away because this is truly all she has. She’s scared to give her freedom up. She loves unconditionally but it takes her a while to trust someone because she wants to know that this person will never make her lose her sense of wonder and will not suppress her nomadic lifestyle. She was born to wander and roam. She surrenders her dreams to her soul. She believes in no boundaries of region or religion. So allow her to live her lifetime of adventure and believe in her magic. She’ll forever have a soul of a gypsy, a heart of a hippie and a spirit of a fairy.


Author: Gemma Star
Email: gypsysoulxo143@gmail.com
Author Bio: Born to wander wild and free.
Link to social media or website: http://instagram/gypsysoulxo



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