My storm

I hear the rain
And think of you 
Do you hear me?
I cry out to you 
I tell you I need you 
Do you feel my soul crying? 
Chipping away as each day passes 
Each new memory without you 
Tears a piece of me away 
My rage is like a storm 
Why did you have to leave? 
Was I not enough? 
These thoughts create a tornado 
It sucks in all my happiness 
Swallows my joy 
Then there are those moments 
I find myself in the calm of the 
You meet me there 
Reminding me of your love 
Reassuring me of my purpose 
Telling me you are with me always 
This storm passes 
I feel the warmth on my face 
My light has returned
by Cassy Steenhard

Washington Native. I am an adventurer trapped in a broken shell. I love deep and loud. My pain and happiness comes out on paper. Enjoy.

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