My Sweet Starlett

My Sweet Starlett 

You were born in the morning after a Red Sox game 

The longest 18 innings of baseball I had to endure 

Oh how I longed for your arrival 


I was only able to hear your heart beat  

Feeling those feet pitter patter in my stomach 

The movement so close and yet so far  


Your father waited patiently beside me, with Mammy slowly falling asleep 

The camera was ready, but you were not 

As I laid there all I could do was pray 


Doctors and nurses came and went 

Still no sign of your beautiful face 

Hours and hours passed, pushing and waiting 


Finally, the game was done 

It was time to finally meet my little girl 

You were born cesarean at 4:09 am 


I heard your cry and tears rolled off my face  

Your father was the first to hold you  

Oh how I wish it was me 


Your father brought you to me 

We looked at you and fell in love 

Those tiny hands and feet, the full head of hair 


It was you! My sweet Starlett 

Oh how I longed for your arrival  

It did not feel real until you laid in my arms 

Gently falling asleep together 


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by Smelo

My name is Sarah Melo. I am a mother, a teacher and a photographer, who enjoys reading and writing.

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