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The mountain is where magic and mystery are found. It’s where simplicity becomes so over powering it creates a spark.

The gentle touch of this mountain has more strength than a girl knows how to handle.

This mountain is where prayers are answered, where the fresh starts occur, smiles grow bigger and real, where just one kiss starts a fire that burns the bad and makes a light inside so bright you can only believe it’s but a dream.

The mountain is everyone’s “cliché” happiness, the little girl fairytale that people long to have. This mountain has created something so beautiful, life is now full of endless possibilities. The only thing you think of day in and day out are the next mysteries the mountain will surprise you with.

This mountain will give you do-overs, a beautiful outlook on life and all its potentials, and the craziest of nights that will last into the infinite future. The mountain creates the risks… are you ready for the climb? 



Author: Dani B. 
Author Bio: I am Dani from a small city in Tennessee. I admire writing, art and music. I believe that everyone is an artist and can show their views, beliefs, and creativity in a variety of ways. I love to see the beauty in life and enjoy the small things God creates in this wonderful world. While I enjoy all forms of art i dedicate my time into becoming someone who can bring art and life together and help the environment. I hope that the writing I share can help someone or make an impact. I want your feedback and hope I can give you my support. 

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  1. I am so proud of this girl. Her words are inspirational and heart felt. Way to go girl!!!!!

  2. So proud of this girl. Her words are inspiring and beautiful!!! Way to go Girlie!!

  3. “where just one kiss starts a fire that burns the bad and makes a light inside so bright you can only believe it’s but a dream.”

    That some great writing!

  4. This is awesome!

  5. I love it, dani this is awesome

  6. Wow, that is incredible, it really touched me. I loved it. I look forward to reading more from you Dani !

  7. Amazing!!!!!!!! As Always of course:)

  8. Dani,
    This is a well written story and so beautiful.


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