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Like the weather

And the tides

I am always changing


I will never apologize for my seasons


I am the sweetness of spring

Rebirth, renewal

Growing from warmth and light

Alive with possibilities


I am the fire of summer

Heat waves, red burns

Fueled by the ruling sun

Unrelentingly strong


I am the calm of autumn

Comforting, quiet

Softly present with peaceful beauty

Silently passing by


I am the ice of winter

Frozen, deep

Filled with darkness

Mercilessly cold


Like the planet

Mother Nature

I am always changing


I will never apologize for my seasons




Author: Amber Core
Author Bio: Amber Core is a Junior at The Ohio State University. She is majoring in Human Nutrition, Dietetics, and she plans to work as a Registered Dietitian. Upon becoming a dietitian, she hopes to obtain her master’s degree in Psychology and work with those who struggle with eating disorders.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @alien_amber_ 

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