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Near Miss

Near Miss
The garter belt on the floor…
the walk to your door…
Didn’t know
if this would be…
I thought it could,
if you’d let me…

Drops of rancid honey
clinging to my thoughts…
Your kisses
Near misses.

So what if,
She had loved you?

What if,
You had stayed?

What if,
You never realized
That your trust
had been betrayed?

Would the warm sunshine
have ever
So delicately across
These brand new sheets?

Would my body
Have ever known
The loveliness of
this crumpled linen heat?

What if…
Sweet darling
What if…

What if…
I had never grown?
Broken my way through
the lies
and manipulations
The twisted
False perceptions…
A regal creation
Of my own making.

A desire manifest.
Spurred by the lingering
That still flutters
In my chest.

Perhaps you would
have never
Known me
At all…

Not You, nor I
Would have witnessed
How potential could
To more.

A sigh of dreams.

But not for me…
The garter belt on the floor…
The walk to my door…
The moans in my chest
From your skin…
your caress…
What if…
Sweet lover.
What if…
My heart.
What if…
My darlin’
We were
Never apart…
what if…

Would it be
What it is?
What if…
my darlin’
What if.

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by Moniratiu

Writer of a novel in progress, poetry and one act plays, Monica draws inspiration from life’s ceaselessly abundant silver lining.

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