Neo-Dystopian Revolution: A Witness Of Beauty

Neo-dystopian philosophy comes from the idea that there is beauty in everything, even in the aftermath or in the midst of disaster. Color is an eternal gift from the Creator, as is beauty. Neo-dystopian revolution for me embodies discovering truth out of destruction, through the search for the presence of color and beauty in the collapse.

A dystopian environment is one that is characterized by tyranny and oppression. Dystopia in Greek literally means “bad place.” We could be swimming in a dystopian mindset, or we could be survivors of dehumanization and desolation. Neo means “new” or “a revived form of.”

Whatever form of dystopia we find ourselves in, there is still grace and life to be discovered. There is healing through being a witness of beauty.

Golden White Honey Light







Grace electric







The peace of wild things
Like a dream that you can feel, but you can’t remember








All day I dream







Author: Lauren Crawford
Email: lauren@laurencrawfordwellness.com
Author Bio: My name is Lauren Crawford and I am a Chicago-based holistic nutritionist and wellness consultant. I inspire and empower women who are experiencing creative blocks or uninspired seasons in their lives. I equip them with the ability to discover their intrinsic worth beginning with healing of the mind, body and spirit in an engaging way–getting to the root of limiting beliefs. The result is unlocking a life of authenticity, resilience and joy. This begins to dissolve the haze of uncreativity. Through building this foundation of resilience and understanding who we were created to be, women are able to create space in their lives for a cycle of joy and creativity.
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by Lauren Crawford

I’m Lauren Crawford & I am a Chicago-based certified holistic nutritionist & creative wellness advocate. “Without a vision, there is no hope.” I truly believe healing in creative ways inspires transformation in our mind + body + soul. We are all artists, but sometimes our vision goes dark. Through the discovery of intrinsic worth & the healing arts, I empower women experiencing creative blocks. This unlocks authenticity + resilience- allowing us to live the energetic life our Creator designed for us!


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