My nightmare comes around
The bend
A darkness deep. A pain
That won’t end.
 No matter where I turn
Or try to run
When I look back
I see him come.
His emptiness the loudest
I’ve heard.
His words so piercing
They’ll impale your soul.
Without a touch
He’ll smother your breathe
And make your sleep
No longer a place of rest.
A day will come before
Too long
When I’ll find the strength
To refuse the run.
In facing him
I’m sure
I’ll see
That was all I ever needed
To break his chains
And be free.

by Katpeeps

Katherine and her two dogs live in Narnia, which she's currently found in Atlanta, GA. She believes all true art is incarnational and life was meant to be our greatest work of art. She received her two dogs in the city of Houston and her BA in English from its university (University of Houston).


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