Mental Health

No Longer Wed

Anxiety placed a gun
Against my head
And vowed,
“To forever be wed”
One shot should’ve led
To me being dead
But instead,
I finally fled
I read
Our union
As bloodshed…
While in bed
I wrote this poem
In ink red
It said,
“You and anxiety
Are no longer wed
You can retreat
From the thread
Of its defeat
And rise up
From being a peasant
That kissed its feet
For the journey of survival
Means you are no longer
Enduring defeat”


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by JGuillaume

With its humidity as a beautiful beast, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. After losing my parents at a young age, I found solace in creative writing. At 18, I moved to Tallahassee to receive my BFA in Creative Writing and my minor in Film Studies from Florida State University. Three months after graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to attend New York Film Academy, where I received my MFA in Screenwriting - and I've loved this city ever since.

Jessica Guillaume

Screenwriter & Sometimes Poet
Creating content so dope,
Addiction is the only way to cope
Unapologetically BLAC
Breaking Limitations Associated w/ Color

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