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I challenge you to take up a job as a cleaner or a watchman or, for that matter a hostess. You must be thinking I am crazy or probably having this one question in your head: “Why would I do that?” But my question to you is: “Why not?”

I  took an initiative of a “one year challenge” to try out all odd jobs present in the society. It was not as easy as it seemed to be. It was a challenge not just to try all of the odd jobs out, but also to change perspective of the way we look at small jobs like a clerk, watchman, waitress, etc.

I started a blog with the theme “NO WORK IS LESS” in which I have taken up a year’s challenge, wherein I will try out different “odd” jobs. The purpose is to prove that every job deserves respect and no job is small, be it of the CEO of a company or that of security.

Starting with the first odd job of a hostess, where I shared my experience of wedding through the eyes of a hostess.

As a part of the challenge of trying out all sorts of jobs, I found an opportunity to be a hostess at a few weddings in Pune. Something I must admit, it looked like an easy task at the beginning but by the end of the first wedding I participated in, I said to myself “Aanchal, you are never doing this again.” Only I know how I convinced myself to do two more.

Second job I took up was photography. As a part of my one year challenge of trying all jobs, for a week I tried selling instant photographs. Having had a keen interest in photography, it seemed like an easy task at first. Well, it turned out that selling an instant picture is not only about photography. My greatest challenge was to approach people and convince them to get a picture developed. Imagine you have a task to approach a stranger and ask him to pay you to develop an image. Trust me, it will seem like no big deal until you try it.

Third month was chosen for offline marketing. My search on Google, “Promotional activity jobs in Pune,” landed me to eventbaba.com, from where I applied to do a promotional activity for an educational institute. The same night, while discussing the same with a friend he said: “Don’t you have anything left in life that you want to distribute pamphlets on the road?” I was left speechless. This is when we start underestimating some tasks.

As for what I learned from a few people working on the same, some people really enjoy marketing and they have lots of fun while working.

Next up was an odd job again, a bartender’s job. When I tell anyone that I have worked as a bartender, their first reaction is “wow, do you know how to juggle?” Well, no! Unfortunately, I could never learn flair-ology, but mixology is something I would bet my money on.

Bartending is something I have practiced for three months and continue to do on my weekends. Girls, don’t hesitate to go behind the bar. Let us make women working at the bar so common a phenomenon that no person sitting across the bar can ever say “Wow, this is the first time I am seeing a female bartender in the city.” You can take up bartending as a full-time or a part-time profession, for part-time you can work on weekends the way I do or you can take up work based on events. Well, fun is what I guarantee. Followed by this was an odd job of working at the fuel station. My three days work at the fuel station involved fueling the two-wheelers on the first day, the second day was at the fuel station of four-wheelers and the last day was at the CNG station. It was a part-time job for six hours from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Guys, as I always say, respect what you do; only then you will be able to demand and command respect from others. Be proud of what you do!


After this task came another, being the first female canteen worker at my college. After working as a wedding hostess in Pune, I was being approached by a lot of my blog followers and my co-hostesses that working at a place where you don’t belong or where you have no acquaintances is an easily accomplished task. So, I took up this challenge of working in my own college, a place where quite a few people know me. I want people to understand that place doesn’t matter, all that matters is the zeal to work.

My experience of working there was great, but at the same time, it was difficult to work. Maintaining sanitation in this heat was a little difficult. But my co-workers for three days who are brilliant at it helped me learn it. It was definitely a difficult task, not because of the fact that everyone knew me there, but because every job has its level of difficulty and we should respect that.

After working at the canteen, I came across another website called Rent A Friend. Sounds weird right? Well, it was weird for me too in the beginning. My first reaction when I saw the website was to think that it was a spam. I was searching rent a flat, but all thanks to Google landed myself on rentafriend.com. When I was going through the website it gave me two options of either renting a friend or becoming a friend. I was wondering what a weird thing it was and even for a minute had the thought that maybe the website was used for other activities like prostitution. Then I thought why not give it a try, I mean there is no harm in logging in and checking what is it about. When I was creating my profile, I saw that there was a list of services that you agree to provide which will be displayed on your profile. The list had things like going to a movie, attending a wedding and so on. I thought, wow it would be so cool to act as somebody’s girlfriend and go attend a wedding. (We are all inspired by Hollywood after all!)

Unfortunately, a lot of us suffer from mental illness and it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is as common as any other physical illness. The moment we accept that there is a problem is a time when we take a step forward towards the solution.

Well, there are some jobs just never require you to get out of your bed. This is about the task that I took up last month. It was with an event management company in Pune. My major work was lead generation, which involved contacting various clubs and restaurants and explaining them the services we deliver. If I could crack the call, my next task was to go and meet them and try to close the deal. Considering only a few people were interested in our services I did not have to go out to the meetings quite often. A lot of times we are of the opinion that people working from home don’t work as hard or their work is not as important. It is for us to encourage and respect them as they are trying to earn even when they can’t go out to work.

No Work is Less still continues to work towards changing how the society functions.

Happy working!



Author: Aanchal
Email: noworkisless@gmail.com
Author Bio: I started a blog with the theme “NO WORK IS LESS” in which I have taken up a year’s challenge, wherein I will try out different “odd” jobs. The purpose is to prove that every job deserves respect and no job is small, be it of the CEO of a company or that of a security.
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