Mental Health

Not for the “Me,” but for the “Us”

How to rationalize isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It seems that everyday
more of my favorite things
And honestly
it’s hard not to feel that the
world is against you
and all that you have
It’s hard to see this
random act of
and fright
and not see it as
a threat to your
But what you have to see is-
it’s not about you at all.
It’s about us
a whole
a global community
made of many “Me’s”
and “I’s”
and “Us’s”
Although it is really tough
to put your life on hold
and to be alone with yourself
when all you want to do
is get back to your
daily being
Realize that it is not to
injustice you
It is for the better of
Rather than momentarily
appeasing the “I’s”
and the “Me’s”
We must think of ourselves as a whole
and how when the moment calls
for inaction
that’s exactly what we should do
For in this case,
doing nothing is the right
thing to do for the community.
For it’s not for the “Me’s”,
but for the “Us’s.”

by SPeters368

I am a third year student at THE Ohio State University


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