Not Just Survivors

No superwoman but berserker.
No hero of war
but horror of enemy and ally alike.
No survivor but woken warrior
restless and hunting
those who did us foul
and those who still dare.
Feasting upon their fears
as they once feasted upon what were ours
and what shall never be again.
and forever woken.
the soldiers of nightmares forged and paid for in flesh.


by CWolfe


I’m Lola and I’ve been writing fiction since I learned to write and more recently some non-fiction pieces after enjoying the process of doing a dissertation; mainly minor political rants to purge some of the injustice rage and fact based poetry.

For the last five years I have been registered disabled after I was maimed during an operation and have been left housebound besides medical appointments so... I have a lot of time on my hands. This is a fact both helped and hindered by mental illness but I’m here, I’m hopeful and I haven’t started talking to the wallpaper yet.

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