I Am Not Threatened

I am not threatened

By acknowledgement.

By a man’s smile

Or hello or nod.

I am not frightened

By friendliness.

I am threatened

By the predatory belief

That I am prey,

To be hunted and trapped.

Men tell men

That persistence is key.

That if I say stop,

I mean push harder.

The goal

Is to wear me down

But I am already worn,

And it has only

Made me wary.

It makes me wonder

If that “nice guy”

Is expecting

My body or heart

As a reward for being

Such a “nice guy.”

I am threatened

By the




That scream in my face

That my consent is


I am threatened

Because men

Have heard women’s voices

Say, “Please stop

Your words affect us

They hurt us

They infringe upon us”

And they have chosen

To continue.

Men have replied

“It is just words.

You are too sensitive.

You want us silent.”

Our consent means


Our stories of fear

Are dismissed.

They see no difference

Between a smile and

A comment on “That ass.”

Their opinions

Mean more to them

Than my life.

And I am tired.

I am threatened.

I am afraid.

Author: Tasha Mapes
Author Bio: My name is Tasha and I am a twenty-eight year old, asexual woman. I was born in California and now live in England as a dual citizen. I have been writing since I was a child and have self-published a poetry book named ‘Changes’. I have a cat and a bearded dragon as well as other family pets.
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