Note to Self

Note to Self

You never imagined this moment,

Where you are at now,

Sitting on the past version of you,

The one you had painstakingly tolerated,

Cried over, and cringed with,

And soaring off of this new idea of yourself

That you have built from experiences.

You never saw this back then,

But if you had, those groans over the process

Would be worth it all.

Of course, you have some apologies to make,

To yourself, but mainly to others;

For all the troubles that came with the growing pains.

And that’s ok,

You have to know that,

Life is not lived without mistakes.

And through all the changes,

You cannot forget to allow yourself to break.

Allow yourself the chance to crack and bleed,

To grow from failed love, to learn from betrayal,

To pull yourself up from the dampness of anger.

Embrace the emotions that shape and sometimes hurt you,

Do not be ashamed of them, for they are yours;

Your very own expression of a unique inner process.

No one else can own them like you do.

Learn to invest.

Be something to someone,

Do not just exist for your own sake,

For you are not the center of the world,

But you are a large piece of its beauty,

So contribute in full.

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by sierrakays

Hello everyone! My name is Sierra Smith. My passions include veganism, art, climbing, hiking, and snowboarding. I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ surrounded by good people and good aesthetics.

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