Mental Health

Notes On Depression

Depression is like a fog –

It settles in slowly during the morning hours when the sun hasn’t had time to stretch its beams.

Unsuspecting as it covers everything you once saw so clearly.

Reach out to touch it and the smoke runs right through your fingers –

but you can feel it –

with every movement and every breath –

you feel it –

with every thought that bubbles to the surface trying to fight its way to the sunlight –

you feel it –

And there’s nothing you can do but just wait for the fog to clear.

To fight it is like running under water

slow –

exhausting –

and leaves you gasping for air.

So you wait – find shelter from the powdery mix,

remind yourself of brighter mornings.

And when it leaves – you wave it goodbye

knowing it’s not the last time you will awake to see the clouded mist again




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