Nothing Is Impossible

I’ve thought a great deal about what to write. Maybe it would be an introduction to Harness Magazine. Perhaps, an article on how to use our forum or why I decided to create this platform. I thought and thought and thought…but nothing.

Time seemed to fly by quicker than I could catch it; and all of a sudden the launch was here – but still no article.

I couldn’t find the article anywhere – not in my mind – not in my heart – not in the blank screen sitting before me. I would wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror announce today would be the day, but time would slip right through my fingers. Night would arrive and sweetly serenade me to lay in bed and eat candy. Allowing my mind to waste away and probably my abs.

Tonight proved to be no different except that I chose to watch “Alice through the looking glass.” And there it was — I found it.

The article I was looking to write was buried deep beneath the to-do lists, work and my overactive mind. I was reminded once again to never lose my child-like wonder. To believe that nothing is impossible. After all – that is what inspired the entire platform you happen to be reading this article on.

The biggest problem with growing older isn’t the fading looks or overall deterioration of our bodies, although those are significant problems, the problem with growing older is we stop believing that we can do anything we set our minds to. We stop believing in ourselves. We start settling. We get swept up in the day to day. Eventually we stop dreaming; and that my friend scares me to death.

We are only put on this earth for so many days. Some of us are blessed with more than others, but we choose to spend it living in the overwhelming monotony of our lives — because we believe that it’s the “appropriate” thing to do. We stop believing that we can be anything we want. That we can travel the world. Go sky diving. Discover a new animal. Be a princess. Whatever it is you’ve dreamt up.

I am here to tell you there still is time. When you look at me and tell me you wish things could be different. They can be. Walt Disney built Disney World. J.K. Rowling created an entire fantasy world from her novels. Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world. I once saw a girl on Instagram make her entire career out of being a mermaid! There are inventive ways to do anything. There are so many dreams floating and swirling around above us – just begging to be grabbed and made into reality.

Maybe it isn’t your career – maybe you absolutely love your life or your city. Maybe it’s your relationship? Whether it’s with your family or others. You want to change it? Then change it. Say the things you’ve never said. Rip the Band-Aids off. Take a look in the mirror and decide – What will truly make you happy? Because wasting one second…let alone years miserable because change scares the hell out of you…is not worth it.

BELIEVE again. Damnit. I demand it. Start believing in yourself again. Start believing that anything is possible!

I know this with 100% certainty and I am going to share this secret with you. The secret of life is this – you have 100% control over yourself and your actions. The choice to be whatever you want to be, wherever you want to be, with whoever you want to be lies within you. I encourage you to not waste another second. Don’t let life happen to you – YOU are going to happen to life. Put your mark on it baby.

And to those of you who already live that way – I commend you. Sometimes I need to shake myself and come back to life. Realize there are no boundaries. Life is what I make of it.




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  1. You have such wisdom at such a young age honey. You never know , you may have even inspired a few of us old timers. (Wink ♡♡)

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