it exudes from your aura. my eyes closed — i sense ill motives before it arrives. it seeps into my being & we multiply. you haunt me, i stride right & without fail, you’re one step behind.

by awinchester93

Alyssa M. Winchester-Calderon is a traveling freelance writer, poet, and Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner. She is a crochet designer and founder of Little Bird Crochet Collective where curates handmade goods of all kinds. You can find her writing in Do You Endo, The Edge Magazine, For Women Who Roar, and NUWLA. She is a Diaphragmatic and Abdominopelvic Endometriosis survivor and very passionate about dismantling the system, veganism, sustainability, advocacy, and social justice. Instagram @alyssa.m.calderon & @littlebirdcrochetcollective

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