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There’s a long backstory, but the bottom line is that the last 2 years of my life were what I thought I really wanted. I was living in Chicago, working the same 3 freelance sound design gigs pretty regularly, I had a steady job in retail management, and one of my gigs had the potential to become a career for me. But then I just kept waiting for it to happen. And while I waited, I lost sight of my priorities and goals. Did I want to quit freelance designing and pursue a career in retail? Or was I just afraid I couldn’t make a living off my art? Would a salaried job snap me out of this intense ennui? It took a major panic attack, a trip to Iceland, and a notebook full of pro/con lists to realize I needed major change. As Sophia Amoruso says, “A #GIRLBOSS is never bored!” So I quit my job, I accepted design projects with new companies, and I dyed my hair pink!

I quit waiting for life to happen to me – I was ready to make it happen for me.

Since I quit my retail job 3 months ago, I have sound designed 4 plays, I have been contracted for 6 more this spring. I have carved out “me time”  – yoga, good food, a morning routine, time with my man. It’s been nonstop but incredibly energizing! Managing my finances has been the trickiest part. I often don’t get paid for a gig until weeks after my work is through. Living frugally between paychecks and not knowing what to do with the hefty checks when they do roll in. It’s all about finding a new balance. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been perfect, but I’m cultivating a new normal – one that makes me feel good.

A Girlboss is proud of her work but never stops working to improve. A Girlboss takes the leap. Leap towards something that makes your heart sing! Entrepreneurial, personal, artistic, or soul searching. Go find it!

Okay fine, one more #GIRLBOSS quote: “The straight and narrow is not the only path to success.” Now go.


Author: Karli Blalock
Author Bio: Karli Blalock is a Chicago-based Sound Designer. She loves yoga and coffee. Karli is currently designing a play about gender equality in the theater industry titled GENDER BREAKDOWN. Go see it!
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