On Top of the World

For some reason, I don’t have the desire to be on top of the world
I would feel out of place because I won’t be able to look at the people below in their eyes
And they are not able to the same
My parents taught me to always maintain eye contact
Me being on top of the world, I am unable to execute that point
because we are unable to see each other

I don’t hold the desire of being on top of the world
I would feel out of place
because I can’t look at the people below me in their eyes
And the same goes for them with me

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by B.Ladybug

I have wanted to expand more on my writing skills. I am on a route of self-expression. Whenever I venture off into more creative venues I constantly seem to come back to writing and words. Maybe it’s the introvert in me wanting the comfortably express the subjects I find hold importance. I'm excited to join a community of women that too share a love of self expression.

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