One More

My soul is in trouble

if I have one more drink

Party’s just begun

And I cannot think straight

I’ve had one too many already


The room is full of laughter

and obscenities

My eyes dart towards the bathroom

             But my legs may not carry me there

                                              I can see that I’m meant to be the dummy

                                                                of the room full of puppeteers

                                                                               (so I let them walk me by the waist when I forget which way to go)


 Why can I not stick to just one now?

By the middle of the night,                            

they’ve made sure my glass is never half empty                                      

                                                                                God forgive me, for I am full of

                                                spirits now not from you

(they told me not to be a prude)


I’m sticking around for the last guy

waiting for this place to shut down

My soul is in trouble now

But I’ve had a few too many sips in me

to think clearly

It’s okay, though

I’ll be alright

Just one more cup

to quench the nerves



It makes me sleep better anyway

and let’s my thoughts run on empty




Author: Regan Cunningham
Email: regancunningham25@gmail.com
Author Bio: Regan Cunningham is an avid writer and reader. Her work has been seen in Windrose Magazine and the blog “Fixed Heart, Free Hand.” When she is not writing, she’s either drinking a soy latte, running outside, hanging with a good friend or introverting in her bedroom.
Link to social media: Instagram @reganc25

by Regan Cunningham

Regan Cunningham is a Midwest blogger who has been writing for years. Her work can be seen on various blogs and magazines, including Windrose Magazine and her own personal blog about self-care, Blueberries and Naps. She enjoys writing about heartache, the triumph over painful seasons in life, and what they teach. She resides in Champaign, Illinois where she is currently a graduate student of Social Work, focusing on mental health and the advocacy of vulnerable individuals in the community.


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