The sun shines down on me,
golden rays seeps through the green.
I find stillness in the silence
and settle in to the sound of the stream.
I give in to the urge to be
just as free as the softly blowing breeze.

I fold.
I bend.
I move.
It soothes.

I settle in
to my consciousness contraption.

I sink too far deep-
It becomes hard to breathe,
but the bottom of the ocean holds
some beautiful things
and the depths of my mind
is more than memories.

I sing.
I weep.
I dance.
I sleep.

And when I wake, I make mistakes .
But, although I bend,
I do not break.

I grow.
I console.
I pray.
I float.
for today is
the only truth that is

when my time comes,
give my soul to the trees
as I become one,

by V.fernz

Hi! I'm Veronica, but my friends call me Fern. I teach yoga and write lyrics and poetry inspired by my love affair with life. I perform in local cafes and venues in a small town located in the Pocono Mountains. I spend most of my free time running, reading, and jamming out on the uke for my biggest fans to hear (a.k.a my cats).
I hope to share the love I have learned from the woods with those looking for a deeper meaning in life and a connection with the world.
With love,

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