To All The Ones We Loved And Lost

there is loneliness, and there is heartbreak –

in between that, there is loss.


i don’t know what it means to be bereaved,

i don’t know what it is like to feel death.

but i do know this –

i know what it feels like to watch a loved one slip past your fingers (helplessly)

i know what it feels like to try and try and try again but silence is the only

word from the other end (it rings so loudly inside my head)


there is an aching in your bones

and you are tired from the weight.

there is still a heart beating inside your ribcage –

yet why does it feel so faint?


it is broken; you are aware.

it is a miracle you can still live.

the other person has taken a piece –

ripped off so cruelly, without a thought to spare.


how can that be?

i never knew friendship could be so painful.

i never knew that there would be times it could hurt more than heartbreak,

times that it could feel like death.


and yet you understand, so clearly,

that there is nothing left that you can do.

the other person has come and gone –

without so much as a glance at you.


to all the ones

who we loved and lost –

those who left,

and never looked back;


know that we loved you,

dear friends,

immensely, wholeheartedly.


but you left on your own accord.


– “i watched as you began to leave; and loss began to grow in my heart.” // isabel cruz


Author: Isabel Cruz
Author Bio: writer. poet. cries constantly but makes poetry about it. mental health activist.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @Isabel.dcruz




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