Open Letter

Dear Kings & Queens of the morning,

As you sleep away the dust of play
tuck yourselves in tight
You starry-eyed adventure ones
I wish you all night
It is yours and yours and yours
That ticket’s bought and paid
Now leave the moving pictures
In the parting of the day
And listen
I have a tale, a token piece
by the wayside of folklore
While Jesus held the tongues of lions
So you must learn to roar

Let your voices whip a gale
and rise, as tongues explode

Be bold
My love be bold
Enough is never quite enough
The wild bird always flies above
Be bold my love be bold

Embrace each other, link-to-link
like all defiant seeds
If you falter, count to three
Let your whisper swell and soar
Oh to hear such melodies

Roll the windows down kid
catch the sticky winds of change
The floor is lava, lap it up
Monday’s child is blazing trails
She’s bold my love she’s bold

Here’s a broken secret
‘You’re an answer to a wish’
And if our dreams are treasure chests
The stars are in your reach
But what we have is history,
Feel it’s echo breaking ground
Stand and hold yours as it quakes
And Loud
Be bold my loves be bold
Enough is never quite enough
The wild birds always fly above
Be bold my loves
Be bold


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by LisaPerks

I’m a full time Mam from Dublin, Ireland, with 3 amazing kids who writes in all those spare and fleeting moments in between.

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