Oshun Views

Our shades remain judge by accountability. The actions of others remain guilty through innocence. Gender roles raise awareness by word of mouth rather than the leading roles that must be taken for change to truly come. In a women’s organization, there are questions that should be solved through one another. Uplifting all for the sake of others wanting to follow in her footsteps. We praise others for coming up with something for the greater good. But, remain in a standstill when representation lands beneath us. Women of color branches beyond the seas we’ve traveled to all come to the meeting grounds where we take a vow of excellence to save ourselves. Rejecting the backlash of its name of origin, it is the ones who hold onto each other when times become hazed by life that we never thought would see in existence. Regardless of the accountability, her voice stands, while herstory remains unrepeated. Her actions matter, and so do the many walking with her against the grain. In the end, we give praise to those taking the stand, for those who believe in the necessary means of equality. Releasing the colors from flesh, her roles as a woman continues to play through motions of the relinquished.

by SheisChaos

Born between poverty and grass greener than the money folded in her back pocket. Aniliyah the girl who wants it all. Coming to the terms that words hold a meaning held in the right brain stems. Aniliyah is the established chaos we underestimate. To raise havoc against the barriers holding her against freedom of speech. Taught to be silent in the presence of her own thoughts. She writes for women none specifically but all. “Show me the ways of this women’s worth I’ll show you the ways of why you aren’t.” Women were created separately and are to be treated as such. Laundering the possibilities that are yet to come. This is one’s story in particular yet it is to be expressed by others who feel silent. Speak your truths.


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