Our global crisis is our opportunity to heal

Healing in every form always looks like chaos from the outside. Think of something as simple as when we cut our fingers; while there is initial bleeding, your body gets right to work to regain balance. Your red blood cells create collagen fibers that form the foundation for new tissue; new skin begins to form over this tissue and as the wound heals the edges pull inward and get smaller as the healing continues.

My point is… crisis and healing happen concurrently.

And while it is terrible that a cut happens… or a virus happens. Our minds and hearts should be focused on healing… because that’s where the future is.

So the crisis in which we find ourselves in… is for our benefit.
Yes, some have it easier than others…
Yes, some will indefinitely lose their jobs…
Others will lose loved ones to sickness.
But if we take this time to really think deeply about how we live, I think we’ll have to admit to ourselves that we want things to change.

Even if the change we desire seems impossible.

But what a time to be alive when we get to rewrite our narratives, whether personal, national or global…

Now is the time to really think about what we really want.
Dare I say, that it’s okay to feel good about not having to work.
Our capitalist and individualistic society is not sustainable,
Or human.

We need time to think, to breath, to love, to sleep, to create, to cook, to feel

To be…human.

So while you load up another movie,
Or make a new recipe,
Send out those work emails (hard eye roll)
Or get on chat with your friends and family.

Before you got to bed tonight…
Think about the world you want.
Even if it makes you sad or scared because you don’t think it’s possible.

The beauty of doing this every night is that you’ll realize that if you think about it enough, you’ll slowly begin to bring those beautiful thoughts into your real life.

Just as the wound that begins to heal at the moment of injury…
we too can heal our society and culture with new rules that make us feel
whole and human.

So aim higher, dream bigger, love harder.

by Jennifer Ekeleme

Jennifer Ekeleme is a creative, wellness coach and creative brand strategist and Founder of JennZen Co-Creation Studio -- A wellness consultancy for brands and companies seeking to integrate the spirit of wellness for themselves and the people they serve.


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