Our Poetic Conversation

Our words came out like poetry,
our conversation felt like a poem

A verse from you, followed by one from me

Very emotional, very true

Our words were patient and kind

Full of feeling

Honesty weaved itself between each word, as silence sat in between

We flowed with the words, line by line, as we walked together that Saturday in the Summer

Hard conversations are hard; rough, but needed

Poetry has a way to soften the rough words making it easier for them to come out

It almost has this way of becoming a therapeutic connection from one soul to another

Our steps began to align as we saw each other’s point of view

Hand in hand we continued to walk

I looked at you, looking at me thinking how irony has played a role in all of this

We exchanged out truest words through masks covering the bottom half of our faces, as if we were speaking only with our eyes

It was as if it was a secret conversation

It was only ours

Just like all of the poems I ever wrote for you; for your eyes only

The afternoon grew with the day as our conversation lingered

The sun setting

Our words at rest

But only until tomorrow

As tomorrow a new day will begin again

A blank page we can fill with the words of you and I

A continuous, beautiful, soul lined story that I can’t wait to write


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