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Why Owning Your Sh*T Leads To A Happier Life

We tell ourselves “I’m fine” when we’re crying on the inside,

“It doesn’t bother me seeing him with another girl” when it eats us up inside, and

“It’s okay that my boss yells at me” when we’re two seconds from exploding.

Why do we constantly deny our emotions and deem them invalid instead of owning them and addressing them head on?

Here are the most 2 common reasons:

  1. Fear
  2. Denial


It can be very scary owning up to your own sh*t, especially if it’s tied to past trauma (which honestly it almost always is – we’ve all got our issues, you’re not alone).

But most of the time people don’t even realize their shortcomings. Their oblivious to it because they’re so emotionally disconnected.

When we constantly play this hide and seek from our emotions we:

> Struggle internally

> Ignore our feelings rather than explore our feelings and emotions, leaving us confused and distraught

> Stunt our own growth

The last one should scare you the most.

Because if you’re not growing, you’re in what I call idle mode.

And do you really want to go through your life on autopilot?

Of course not – You want to thrive!

And the only way to do that is to own your sh*t.

And when I say shit – I mean SH*T.

Not just the fabulous parts.

While it’s not always pretty facing your shadow side, it’s a MUST for personal growth and development.

And since we’re talking owning our sh*t,

I guess it’s time I own up to mine.

This year I had to own up to the fact, I sucked at dating.

When I met a guy, within five to ten minutes I decided if I wanted to sleep with him or not based on their looks and if they could carry a conversation.

How shallow is that? Dried up creek shallow girl.

While I valued deep meaningful relationships in all other parts of my life, I wasn’t practicing it in my romantic life.

I realized if I wanted to build a real lasting relationship with a guy, I didn’t need to seek a lay for the night…I needed to seek friendship.

Because if you can’t be friends with someone first, then why date them?

 I mean you do have to spend time with each other…

This was me owning my sh*t.

I finally shined the light to the shallow parts of me instead of dwelling in self-misery and wondering why my relationships “never worked out.”

It was me.

This was the first step in making real change happen in my life.

Change that was necessary to serve my heart’s true desires.

Change that would bring me real connection, love and happiness.

Change that would change my life for the better.

So please take my advice, own your sh*t, make a change, LOVE your life.

All my love and support,




Author: Jeannette Bridoux
Email: marketingbride@gmail.com
Author Bio: Jeannette Bridoux is an Instagram Growth Specialist & Personal Brand Builder. She empowers women to be the change makers in the world through her Boss Women Community online. Follow her journey @marketingbride on Instagram.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @marketingbride

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