Paper Hearts: A Poetry Collection

Every morning, as sure as the sun rises,

my thoughts begin with you.

These waking dreams, so steadfast in their morning advent,

do far more service to the notion of permanence than

you ever did.


Every morning, you are gone // jjm




Don’t think for one second

that this will be easy.

That’s not what you came here for.

Spine and spirit in the face of hardship

are what make you formidable.


formidable // jjm




When I close my eyes I can still conjure up the warmth

and golden glow of being bathed in your worship.

A goddess you called me.  Formidable.

I spun around coyly under your gaze so you could warm

my skin from another angle.

You freckled my flesh and plucked garish roses to adorn

my cheeks and breasts.

You kissed my teeth because I couldn’t stop smiling.


smiling goddess // jjm




Take me to all the places.
The park you played in.
Fall leaves struck down by gravity’s insistence.
The dark venues, avec marquis, and the stale air within dancing with dust pixies.
The house with the moldy basement – I know that smell and inhale deeply.
Lungs fill, sending our shared olfactory memories scurrying through slick vessels into oily grooves and wedging gleefully in forever cul-de-sacs.
When we say “all or nothing” we so often give ourselves nothing.
All- like two arms outstretched, scooping up the contents of the universe and drawing it all in, careful not to miss this speck or that moon.
All- reaching forward and backward as well as side-to-side, grasping the depth and history and vulnerability and backstories galore.
The muddy frayed corduroys and the scar on the knee,
and the spinning, spinning stars and mist and salt and vapor- ALL.
Like juicy raindrops falling into open mouths for us to devour.
Take me there.
I’ll bring you to my places.
Sink you deep.
You won’t be able to resist… it was glorious and wet.
Canyons and rivulets, plump equisetum and sturdy canoes.
I reminisce, but this is ALL we are talking about, and if we are going to fantasize, we may as well occupy space and time as we damn well please.
Get right down into it.
Hands sunk into rich soil, like roots they plunge and loosen up the firmament.
Take me there.  Let’s breath it in.
For a minute, let’s do ALL.

-all or nothing, jjm



How dare I intrude upon your peaceful existence

your safe landing

your stability

with my



The thing is…

I am not a part of your life anymore.

I’m not some thing you can silence.

You can’t have your way with me.


I’m doing the best that I can,

by myself.

Sometimes The Best That I Can comes out screaming,

clawing, and tear-streaked.

It’s what you’d expect from anyone left alone with their

heart in their hand.


naked & afraid // jjm



Author: Jessie Jean
Email: jessiejean@tucsonhopshop.com
Author Bio: Jessie Jean is a lover of words, a mother to girls and an adventurer by practice. She hopes to fall in love with herself in 2018.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @keepjessiejeangoofy






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