Q&A From Bunbury 2019 With Artist Parker Louis

Things are all good with Parker Louis. The singer-songwriter has two EPs out now, “All Good Things Part 1” and “All Good Things Part 2.” Louis will be on tour with CAAMP in November. Harness caught up with Louis after his solo show at the 2019 Bunbury Music Festival.

Q: Who is Parker Louis?

A: So basically, I’m a huge old school R&B fan, but like most kids growing up in the suburbs I was also a big fan of rock bands like Nirvana. It started like a melding of all kinds of genres and that’s what it looks like—a big R&B vibe with a fat pocket, a big group element.

Q: Tell us about your band.

A: I’ve known them for at least four years, but we’ve been playing together for a year-and-a-half. My favorite thing to do inside of music is to collaborate. I always bring in a lot of people to help out and contribute to what I’m working on, so that’s the sort of energy we bring to the stage. You’ll see us laughing and dancing. We just put off a really good family energy. We just try to have a good time with each other. I think 10 out of 10 times that washes into the performance. So that family-friendship-love energy is what we give off because of our history together. That’s what I love most about playing with the folks that I play with.

Q: What is your songwriting process?

A: It’s like as if something hits me at the moment, I don’t really sit down and try to write a song. It’s more like if something comes to me at 2 am, it’s go time. I’ll grab a guitar and sit down and try to hash something out. I mean default is love, relationships and stuff like that. Most of the stuff that I write about is sort of like self-reflection. I find that, you know, going through the hard times. That’s where you grow, right? We can build a lot from that. Most songwriters will tell you that’s where you get your best material, but you sort of have to attack it head-on. You know, my music, our music, is very collab oriented. So I think there’s a natural positivity that comes out of that. I like to write music and play music that makes you feel good. I want you to walk away happier than when you showed up.

For more, you can find Parker Louis on Instagram and Spotify.

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