Patience in healing

Everyone has told me ‘time heals all wounds,’ but it is easier said than done. No one has told me to include patience. I have the biggest patience in my relationships, friendships, work and anything I want to manifest. When it comes to myself getting over a breakup, I grow restless. 

Being in quarantine has resurfaced my feelings I’ve been trying to avoid with my daily activities. Now that I am stuck inside, all I’m left with are my thoughts. If I could go outside, I could flirt with someone at the bar or exchange numbers to avoid my fresh heartbreak. But, I cannot and do not want to acknowledge the male species and feel stuck in place.

I am uncomfortable with the feelings coming to the surface. I am going through what went wrong in my relationship, questioning who I am as an individual and wanting to value different parts of myself more. Not being patient with myself has blocked the beauty of healing, but patience comes with the process.

Healing isn’t linear. It is messy, but it is also so beautiful when you catch yourself not crying anymore. Healing is beautiful when you begin to see clarity in how you are better off without your ex. Healing is still not easy, but congratulate yourself every day for the baby steps. 

Allow your soul to feel sad, angry or hurt but whatever you do, do not block your heart. Do not avoid the pain because it just manifests in how you treat others and yourself. Be kind to your sadness and know that you will get through it. You will hate your timeline, but believe in your own process and not what your friends tell you. No one is going to understand you better than yourself.

by Fiorella_o8

Hi, my name is Fiorella Medina. I am an English graduate student who writes a blog to remind myself how liberating and relatable life can be. The ongoing joke is that I am a Peruvian first generation who speaks Spanish and became an English major of all things. When I'm not being a student, writer or an ESL instructor, you can find me trying new coffee places, reading, spending time with friends and dancing.


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