Peaceful Waters

Sometimes I just want to sit by the sea.

Not because I am depressed or unhappy, but because the sea has healing powers,

With its waves and hushes,

It fills up your mind with wonder and beauty at the vastness of the ocean.

It puts life into perspective.

It creates a quietness and stillness in your soul.

An aquarian belongs to the waters and the air.

Once or twice a year or more I have to go where I belong. On top of a hill or by mother sea and father wind.

Even if it is by a little pond.

Sitting by the sea is not for melancholy.

But it is for contemplation.

For balance.

For harmony.

A kind of Yin ⚏ and a kind of Yang



Author: Gassy Traore
Email: gassyt@hotmail.co.uk
Author Bio: A sea princess and a sea-lover forever. “When air met water, it made me who I am.”



by Gassy R Traore

I am a freelance journalist in London but I may temporarily relocate to NY to explore journalism there. I am an aquarius and a big flower lover.


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