People Are A Kiss From Heaven

Have you ever met someone and instantly found something you didn’t like about them? The way they laughed annoyed you, or the color of their shirt wasn’t in style. These instant judgments we place on people are actually a reflection of our own insecurities and we could be missing out on a kiss from heaven.

I used to be so insecure that when I was around those who appeared confident and well established, I would read their words as an insult projected at me. I was seeing life through the lens of inadequacy, and finding fault in someone else was the quickest way to defend my frailty.

It can become more appealing to choose friends who are of ‘lower standing’. People with more faults and less ambition can feed our ego because they give our weaknesses permission to never grow into strengths; and therefor hiding the fact that we have any insecurities at all. We feel secure until someone of more ambition, honour, beauty and strength walk into our lives (or just into the room) and all of a sudden our insecurities flare up and the only remedy becomes criticism. Stories run wild in our minds of secret faults and hidden sins placing someone under the bus before we even get to know them.

It wasn’t until I put a face to my behaviour that I realized every person I encountered had something to offer my life; a challenge to grow- they are a kiss from heaven put in my life to motivate my weaknesses, inspire my creativity and invite me to greater confidence. These are people I meet everyday; even those who think they are invisible, the ones who believe they aren’t leaving a mark on the world; hold gifts no one else does- and little do they know how they affect my life and the lives around them.

I’m not saying I don’t get insecure- because it may be something I wrestle with my whole life; but when I feel the flare up, I know to listen and learn; and to deal with my brokenness because my insecurities are a terrible guide to life and only belittle the quality of my perspective. When I see others as a gift, even if they threaten my security by being more beautiful, talented, kind, wealthy, and self aware; my life opens up to unlimited possibilities and gets a sloppy wet kiss from heaven.



Name: Renee Recordon
Email: reneerecordon@gmail.com
Author Bio: I am an ordinary mother and wife, finding wonder and fulfillment in the everyday life.  I am a photographer, aspiring writer and lover of people. insta: @recordonphoto
Link to social media or website: http://www.reneerecordon.com/blog/



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