People Say I’Ve Been Changing

People say I’ve been changing.

I’ve changed from the young girl who was unashamed as she stood in front of the room belting out her favorite tune on a plastic microphone.

I’ve changed from the rebellious teen that sought chaos instead of rules.

I’ve changed from the early twenties something woman – lost and trying to find her way.

I’ve changed from mid-twenties something woman – set on conformity, family and cramming into a box I just didn’t quite fit in.

I’ve changed from the woman I was last year and I keep on changing.

I’m still me – although I may not be the same me to you.

I still have blonde hair and blue eyes.

I still love books and night skies.

I may trust a little more, love a little less.

But I am still me.

I don’t want to be normal

And I am not worried about babies

Or a house in the suburbs,

Or wedding flowers and


And that makes some of you feel uncomfortable –

But that’s me –

That’s the real me.

Watching a business grow and blossom,

Watching magic spin words into something beautiful,

Open fields and the freedom to be whoever you want to be,

Those are the things that make me feel alive.

So while I’ve changed in ways you may have known,

The core of who I am is still shining unapologetically through.



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