Pep Talk

We are not scared

Despite our scars.

We are not fearful

When we are feeling marred.

So many times we say no

to the spirit that longs to be seen.

Who are we to write poetry?

Who are we not to be?

We have something to say.

We have words of worth and value.

A sinew signifies our strength and resilience

It reminds us to power through.

A currency of knowledge, experience and humility.

Sharing it with others is what we need to do.

Connect with the source, she says, to tap into the amazing wisdom that provides the path.

Remember, it’s not coming from you, but rather through you.

Check in early and often for guidance, it’s waiting for you.

by Lindsayandrews

Lindsay Andrews is a codependency recovery writer and educator with a grounded approach toward healing through journaling. Through this process, she has awakened herself and reconnected to her intuition which has led to self worthiness and confidence. She actively supports and educates women who seek to improve their relationships by first improving the relationship with themselves.

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