Perry Street

June 20th. 10:20 pm.  I remember trying to catch my breath. A 10 minute walk that felt like 2 hours. I walk slowly for the first time. My mind flustered, wanting to run past my destination. Close your eyes. It’s only conversation. 

I approach Perry Street and I see you across the corner. My mind no longer racing. Utterly stunned by your presence. My hand waves back to you before I can even sense what I’m doing. 

I see your smile, and it immediately warms me. My heart starts beating so fast. Calm down; cool girls don’t reveal their cards. Who am I kidding? I’m not cool. 

Sitting in the dark bar, your hand grazes mine, and I can’t breathe. 

You laugh at my nerves, and I try to play it cool. 

“I’m so nervous.” I blurt. No that wasn’t cool. You grab my hand and I watch your curly hair shake as you smile at me. There is so much more than what meets the eye with you. 

One hour at the bar feels like 7 minutes. 11:45 pm. I’m not ready to leave your side. I’m entranced by your voice. My mind and my hands stop shaking. Please don’t stop talking. I’m not ready to face my nerves again.  

We walk all the way across town. A 30 minute walk is compressed into seconds. How is it already 2:30 am? Time is moving too fast. You put your arms around me and it all comes crashing down. 

You’re what was missing in my life. 

by ibiberaj

I am Isabella and I write in a mix of poetry and prose. Although everything I write is fiction, my writing is usually based in my relationships, whether they be with my loved ones or a certain situation I'm in. I value the power writing has to transform overwhelming and hard-to-understand feelings into something tangible. I hope you enjoy!

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