It still astonishes me to this day

What happens when

Our words learn to play


When our minds begin to shake

And structures begin to break


When our eyes begin to feel

Our layers begin to peel


When our hearts slowly thump

Our words no longer bump


They take each other’s hands

We start to understand


It still astonishes me to this day

What happens when

‘We’ is no longer ‘they’




Author: Noelani Mei
Email: noelanimei25@gmail.com
Author Bio: Noelani Mei is an up-and-coming writer currently living in Los Angeles. Poetry is her preference, but she writes for many mediums. She graduated from Washington and Lee University in 2017, where she played field hockey for four years. In L.A., she likes to explore, going on frequent hikes and drawing from nature and every human’s experience to write.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @written.by.noelani


by Noelani Mei

Noelani is from Baltimore, MD but is currently splitting time between the country's coasts. She enjoys writing poetry and short fiction. Beyond creative writing, she speaks openly about mental health on her blog with hopes to end the stigma and encourage more people to get help.


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