Please Just Give Us A Break

Fueled by intense, passionate feminine hormones, I’m totally embracing the fire that is being created within me and putting my fingers straight onto the keyboard.

You know what really annoys me, is the lack of respect for the Winter/Spring part of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The lack of respect for the whole menstrual cycle in general irritates me. The lack of respect and care from the people in your life especially from people like; your father, brother, boyfriend. Maybe even your girlfriend, mother or sister, as there are still so many woman who do not fully understand or respect their own beautiful cycles, especially the overwhelming Winter & Spring phases.

So instead of ranting about how a lot of people (which sadly, includes many women) still don’t understand and appreciate the menstrual cycle, (particularly the week just before and the week during bleeding) I’m going to gently and calmly explain my take on it. So that maybe; if you didn’t understand before, you will read this and start to be more considerate and respectful to yourself or to those wonderful women that are in your life.

The Winter phase is the final week of your cycle, when you are beginning to become much more emotional. One week prior to bleeding, (which I personally find most challenging) women may become increasingly vulnerable or sensitive. Maybe with random bouts of lust, passion, love, heartache, irritation, anxiety, anger, darkness. Plus many are prone to skin breakouts, cramping, tender breasts and bloating. Of course all symptoms vary woman to woman but intimately it can be tough time for us. To balance ourselves through this challenging part of the month. We do not welcome this time of our cycle with open arms.

It’s also a time when we may feel more intuitive, a heightened sense of connection to so much within and around us. We may also feel the need to step back, to retreat, to find some space within ourselves before the Spring cycle begins. Us women should endeavour to become more aware of these changes and begin to take much more care of ourselves, paying close to attention to what our bodies need and not what we or someone else thinks that we may need.

Women, you should be able to let yourself feel. Let yourself scream, shout. Let yourself cry. Let yourself breathe. Let yourself really feel every emotion that your being is embodying. Be you. Be wild. Feel fierce, empowered by all that is you, and do not let anyone put you down or tell you off for feeling like this. You have every right to feel the emotions that you are feeling. These emotions are messages from your body. Then let it all go. Release it all. You must allow yourself to give into them, to feel them, embody every inch of your inner femininity, your inner goddess.

Those of you who are not experiencing this, should respect this sacred time and be understanding. As during this time we may be irrational and at times seem like we are verging on unhinged. But please don’t scold us, abuse us or disrespect us. We are going through a complex process. Instead, please just give us a break. Please don’t put us down. Forgive us for any heightened emotions or reactions that we may display. Please care and be there for us if we need it. Then give us space if we request it.

During the Winter phase of our cycle,  we are approaching the Spring and unless you’ve decided to co-create a little person that month, you’ll be releasing out blood in which our bodies have stored to create a life. There is nothing disgusting or embarrassing about this process. As women, it is vital to take into account & appreciate that it’s such an incredible process for the body to do. It’s important that we honour this transformation of shedding the past and embracing the new.

As women we have the gift of planting a seed within us, which continues a journey through a whole cycle of creation. Within our own amazing bodies, once a month, this takes place!! Our bodies plant a seed within us to be born, to grow, to bloom, to harvest, to decay, to die and finally to be shed, before the process starts all over again. Not only is this cycle a process for the possibility to create new life for a potential new being, but this is a cycle for us to embody as each new month brings a new life cycle for ourselves to embrace. Every new cycle allows you to plant a new metaphorical seed to nurture and feed, full of new emotions and intentions. If you really think about it, its insanely awesome.

I hope anyone reading this can see how awesome it is too and also has stronger understanding or appreciation for the process and the difficulties that women may encounter. And for those of you beautiful, powerful women please embrace your inner beauty and your inner Goddess.

If there’s anyone that you would like to help, in engaging in a better understanding, why not share this with them today.


Hope that your day is full of

Peace, Love & Light

Jade ✨


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