Podcast Saved My Life

My first encounter with the power of a podcast was while in a grinding job that felt like the antithesis of my personality and a position slowly but steadily weakening my passion and sense of purpose. It felt as if my DNA was morphing. What brought me back to light was my ever growing list of favorite podcasts, those familiar voices inside of my head cultivating and inspiring my creativity and pushing me to live my best life. 

Whether I was listening to an interview based podcast or a history, or fictional story telling one I was being reminded to find my own authenticity throughout my own human struggle of life. The wide and shared message I got from all of my podcasts was that success in career, in love and in happiness comes from living a path of authenticity. By making choices not because you purely want to seem different or the same but because there is a gut feeling telling you so and for me it was clear that I was in the wrong career path.

There is a visceral effect of listening, it can be cathartic in the same way your kindergarten teacher read picture books to the whole class or an adrenaline rush to your motivation like a team effort win or when you least expect it. The transfer of words from podcast to ear can feel like a protective mom hug that leaves you ready to go back into the real world and give it your all. 

Strangely at a time when we are figuring out how to connect and share with one another through technology and social media it can feel as if we are becoming more disconnected, but podcasts standout as intimate and personal. They are a great way to feel a connection to humanity and the rest of the world. In listening to stories, interviews or research based podcasts, we are hearing the subtleties of how individuals convey their experience. We can hear the emotion and relate to it even if our experiences are completely different. 

So while I was working that job and it made it feel as if my own DNA was morphing, a distant song got reeled into my subconscious, a classic disco beat: “Last night a D.J saved my life”. Instead of the original lyrics the version in my head was,

Last night a podcast saved my life

Last night a podcast saved my life from a broken heart

Last night a podcast saved my life

Last night a podcast saved my life with a story

The remixed song within my mind was quirky, nerdy, endearing and funny, but that’s exactly what you get from a podcast, an array of natural emotions that serves your soul to continue on the path of finding happiness and adventure in this life.


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