I started writing poetry, or writing, because it kinda felt like I had to in order to stay a little bit more sane, as an outlet I guess, to put down even things that I didn’t quite understand. I also like to admire other people’s beauty and how special they are. I love reading and finding poems I can relate to, just like songs. I started writing when I was around 15 and ever since then I carry a journal with me all the time, just in case; it’s become part of my life now and I love it.

Pictures & dust.


There was love but there was also

desperation and youth. So much youth.

There was an enormous desire to give it all

without knowing it could empty me in a second.

It was unknown territory but it felt so warm

and when you held me close

when you traced my face,

I loved you, there’s no doubt… it was love,

despite what anyone, even you, might think.

I haven’t loved again ever since

and I was very sure I was going to soon again

but no. I don’t know anymore, don’t know

anything about it, don’t know where you are

and what you’re doing and I’m not aching to know

who you’re with anymore and I thought that concerned

me when I loved you but even then it didn’t

because you never loved me.

It was like I was carrying a box of candy

when I loved you, I had so much to give

and I wanted to give it all because it was

the first time, and I heard the risks, they

told me about them like I understood a word;

I couldn’t see anything but a pair of

green eyes.)




If sex is a natural stage of life and I don’t

have it, does that mean I’m going against nature?

is that too dramatic? well too bad, I’m a bit dramatic.

at this point in my life I’m open to everything,

to learn and listen about everything, to hear it all

so I can make up my own opinions

I love the beliefs that we humans come up with,

like I believe in God but not in church

like I also believe in the universe and the power

of the stars. All that information was given to me

at some point and somewhere in the middle I decided

that’s what I believe in.)


Author: Elsa Burgos.
Author Bio: My name is Elsa Burgos, I’m 20 years old and I love coffee. I take pictures and write and enjoy making collages very much.
Link to social media or website: http://www.instagram.com/lisztomaniaclub


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